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Anna Mudeka

Saturday, October 12, 2024

October 12, 2024

The Story of Space

Explore the silk roads of Uzbekistan through an interactive talk and dining experience.

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Saturday 12th September 2023

Multi-instrumentalist, actress, singer, writer and educator, Anna Mudeka is a polymath proud to share the ancestral heritage of her native Zimbabwe through performance and workshops, inviting audiences of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to immerse themselves in sounds, spiritualism and fables of Africa.

Steeped in the history and heritage of her Zimbabwean roots, Anna Mudeka conjures the rich cultural tapestry of sub-saharan Africa through an ever-evolving programme of creative projects. From her multi-talented solo theatrical and musical productions, to large scale choral performances and educational workshops, Anna’s mission is to engage and inspire audiences with the traditions, sounds and legends of her Shona forebears.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Anna draws from a wealth of African dance, stories and music traditions, but is particularly inspired by her Shona roots, which has a rich cultural history and identity and is part of the Bantu ethnic group that forms the majority of the population in Sub-Sahara. Anna talks animatedly about Shona music and dance, as a form of expression and a rhythm that is embedded within everyday life. She is not only interested in sharing her own heritage and journey, but also keen to help others find their voice, using stories to help us question who we are and understand the world around us. Anna explains that there are two kinds of storytelling in Zimbabwe; Ngano derives from folk stories, fairytales and myth, whereas Nyaya is based on reality, drawn from our own life experiences. Anna’s outlook and approach to work and life is consciously (and infectiously) optimistic, and she actively practices the theory of happiness, strengths and fulfilment in all that she does.

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